Earthmasters + Katrina Stonehart : “Craigslist” out now

Posted by POTIONS / February 7, 2013

You may feel like you got trapped in a 56K modem after listening to all the bleeps and boops on this new space ripper from Brooklyn zen shredders, Earthmasters & Katrina Stonehart. Recorded at Total Reality Intl. HQ, this 32 minute tape captures a wacky sci-fi drone journey, with meditative moments & sparse field recording manipulations. This tape is both deep & whimsical all at once.

$7 ppd
Paypal to
(will be available in catalog section/bandcamp soon as well.)

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Potions / Ghostandthesong split tape available now

Posted by POTIONS / November 7, 2012

Buy the tape!

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Fall Releases

Posted by POTIONS / October 3, 2012

PAR will be dropping a few releases this fall. The two being released in October signify Pretty All Right’s first steps out of the ole’ midwest, first with Arizona’s Christian Filardo, and followed by a tape with Germany’s Ghostandthesong!

Christian Filardo : Forgetting c40 Purple Cassette Tape

Available on Cassette & Digital Now!

a glowing collection of ambient, drone, noise vignettes; nicely composed & with an appropriate amount of twists and turns to peak interest.

Potions / Ghostandthesong Split Tape

Germany’s Ghostandthesong has been crafting off-kilter experimental pop with crispy production for a bit in the underground. On this release, he stretches out of the pop genre for the most part, exploring tape manipulation, drone, experimental and free jazz. It is a far out listening experience and contrasts nicely with POTIONS more low key, drone and groove experience.

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Posted by POTIONS / July 22, 2012

No Luck by J Fernandez is available here from Pretty All Right as well as from Teen River.

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Pretty All Right Batch #1 – PAR014-019, OUT NOW

Posted by POTIONS / June 23, 2012


1 for $4
3 for $10
6 for $15

paypal to
(send as gift, under personal tab….. cut out the fees!)

note: releases also available singularly in our catalog section. we are offering all releases in both cassette & digital. all cassette purchases will receive a free digital download.

PAR014 ::: Pistol Beat

PAR015 ::: Dakota Bones

PAR016 ::: Chicago Jim

PAR017 ::: Battleship

PAR018 ::: Beach Dawgz

PAR019 ::: Potions

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Pretty All Right Batch #1, coming 6/12/2012

Posted by POTIONS / May 31, 2012

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Interactive Potions Video ? Sega Road Rash 2 Experiment

Posted by POTIONS / May 22, 2012

Here is a you tube experiment akin to the Flaming Lips Zaireeka stunt, except performed with Sega Genesis Road Rash 2 clips. a game I spent probably 200 hours playing and getting out some youthful aggression with.
Hit play on all four videos. Adjust/Mute sound at your own pleasure, and then try alternate performance listed below.

*Proceed at your own risk, may provide physical nausea, etc. , etc.

For an alternate performance, try muting all the videos, and hitting play on the following track:

Available in June, a co-release from Pretty All Right & Teen River.

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