• Formats: Cassette Tape, Digital
  • Price: $5.00
  • Artist: Vehicle Blues
  • Release Date: February 2, 2014
  • Catalog ID: PAR045

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Letter Writer / Cassette Tape, Digital / PAR045

Vehicle Blues

Vehicle Blues is the long running project of Chicago-based Gabe Holcombe. A master of the short cassette format, Holcombe has been crafting the Vehicle Blues language, and on this tape, we hear it in full clarity. Recorded at Burritos West by long time bud Drew M Gibson (BBDDM, Solid Melts, Katrina Stonehart), we get a nice thick sheet of guitars, with perfectly buried drum (machine!), and sugary sweet vocal takes. These pop cuts are lean in a way that makes them very easy to digest, and yet on repeat listen, a depth to the overarching sound is revealed. The structure of each song appears to be simple due to their immediate appeal, yet seemingly each component has been organized in a strategic manner that maintains a sort of purity bestowed from the same gods that Jason Spacemen & Kevin Shields were attuned to. The many layers of guitar shimmer with a beautiful intermingling of high frequencies emanating from warm amplifiers. The Yamaha drum machine that Gabe has so diligently busted, maintained and made an integral part of his one man operation, beats on with a feel of its own, melding with the 4 string mid range guitar rhythms to create some potent shoegaze burners. Every song is a hit! The vocals aren’t always understood in a traditional sense, yet each melodic phrase works against another to convey a mood that cannot be escaped.