• Formats: Cassette Tape, c62
  • Price: $4.00
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Release Date: April 23, 2012
  • Catalog ID: PAR013

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Moments of No Erase / Cassette Tape, c62 / PAR013

Various Artists

Moments of No Erase is an hour long collection of noise grooves, rock-and-roll, mystery zones, riff-age, and beyond. Compiled & recorded by Roland Potions, who tracked these songs during beer drinkin’ hang out times, this set is a nice, chill ride through Chicago’s current underground? world.

I. features Katrina Stoneheart (Solid Melts, Teen River, BBDDM), a recent transplant to chicago, who provides his signature no-input, delay pedal bubbles, and high frequency blasts atop potions mellow & in-the-pocket drum and bass groove.

II. features Ryley Walker, the young guitar wunderkind, originally from rockford,IL. ryley and tom recorded one night in potions old cellar studio in pilsen, back when ryley was throwin’ down at chili’s. the jam surfacing here mixes slint-y guitar stylings with off the cuff shoegaze-induced drum machine backbeats.

III. features Bo Hansen (of Heavy Times, Campfires), Johhnny D (Wild Oats, Bowl Of Dust, Spooky Moon), reminiscent of Red Krayola’s country-tinged instrumentals, with BO slinging pysch-y guitar, Johnny holding down the Bass, and Potions on drum kit.

IV. features Gordon (aka Jake of Teen River, Famous Laughs). an outtake from the Wildcats sessions, this finds Jake and Ro Po in a mystery zone of junky keyboards, space echo, and loops of loops. cold music recorded in cold storage room.

V. features Johhnny D on bass and Roland Potions on synth, beats, and voice. an endless jam, throw this one on at your next BBQ

VI. features Sea Priest & Houtakker & Potions, a spacious exploration in cymbal swells, loops and atmosphere