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Hush / / PAR001

Tom Owens

“Heavily influenced by Jim O’Rourke’s pop experiments, I set out to make a collection of cohesive electro-acoustic songs. I’ve never been entirely sure what makes something “electro-acoustic”, but in my late teen I seemed fascinated by the idea. I was just beginning to experiment in the studio, with access to a control room at my college thanks to adjunct faculty member John K Erskine. This collection was also inspired by the plethora of music I was discovering post-high school, everything from Eno to Galaxie 500, My Bloody Valentine to Boards of Canada.

When it was released to the public in the small town of Holland, Michigan, the proprietor of the local record shop called it New Age, a title which made me feel self conscious at the time. I couldn’t have guessed that a New Age revival would swarm the underground 5 years later that I have found myself identifying with (on some level). Hush signifies a starting point for both pretty all right (as its inaugural release), and my ongoing musical explorations.” – Tom