• Formats: Cassette Tape, Digital
  • Price: $5.00
  • Artist: Snake Milker
  • Release Date: August 2015
  • Catalog ID: PAR053

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Cop Stripper / Cassette Tape, Digital / PAR053

Snake Milker

From the remnants and retirement of MATTRESS GRAVE grew SNAKE MILKER. Tape spliced from demos. Lambs put to death in the slaughterhouse. Slow-moving, yet fresh fish pulled from the East River. Food prices soar. Food shortages spark new diets. People come to the rodeo to salivate, not to watch prize-winning rope tricks. Red face paint smudges in the ochre dirt. SNAKE MILKER sits on a stack of People magazines. Changes in people’s anatomy. NASA studies food science. Stomach cramps. Wavelengths. SNAKE MILKER wouldn’t leave us like this – alone on the dancefloor. Listen to SNAKE MILKER. Place them to your ear as your coveralls shine. As the grease smears on your leg. Listen to the solid ground lift into the air. Plunge your arms grey with dirt. That sleet rainwater sound you heard in the car outside. SNAKE MILKER playing a free concert in the car park of McDonalds. A blur of grape and orange. Doctor flown from the North Sea to give his diagnosis. He talks with a drone. Your thought repeats. Beads and chatter all the time while you think. A scramble of bodies across the bar at the King Cole, St Regis Hotel. Toxic urine splashes against the urinal. A hamburger the only thing on the menu. Cab drivers in the taxi rank on 96th Street. They sit quietly, thinking of nothing. A wardrobe of women’s clothes. Custom’s regulations published in the New York Post. Existence alternates as alien. You can’t work anymore. Footsore. Hungry. Thirsty. You shake your head. SNAKE MILKER smiles. SNAKE MILKER takes out a pocket book. A gang of children in East River Park. You wave to the bookcase. Medical condition that makes you bad at work. You can’t work. Can’t breath. Ecstatic. Anxiety rising. SNAKE MILKER talks about ESP and other Vatic junk. Abnormalities washed upon the shore at Fukishima. The underage person has parapsychology (PSI) effects. Scientists in laboratory provide the flowers for your apartment. Underage person dissects entire populations from his birthplace. Underage person at the Hollywood Star Walk. First star goes out to the LAPD Hollywood Division. The East River, static water burst its banks.

SJX plays all instruments – www.sjx.digital