• Formats: Cassette Tape / Digital
  • Price: $5.00
  • Artist: Moody Marlin
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  • Catalog ID: PAR052

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Amorphous Tabernacle of Mildew / Cassette Tape / Digital / PAR052

Moody Marlin

I first encountered Moody Marlin at a show at now defunct ‘Big Forever’ space in Chicago. He was billed as Blind Tubby, performing at an all day fest at the house. Somehow I missed his set despite meeting and talking with the dude in the yard, but was told by Mike Meegan (RXM Reality) that his set was the truly bizarre and awesome. The mysterious meng had mentioned that he, Blind Tubby as I knew him, was filling in last minute at this performance for Sully Aardvark, the guy who ran his label, “Big Shit Toilet Penis.” I was intrigued and poked on the internet trying to find Blind Tubby to no avail. Eventually I stumbled upon the album, “Amorphous Tabernacle of Mildew,” which appeared to be a compilation on the aforementioned label supposedly out of Hell, Michigan. It was revealed that all the monikers originally utilized on this album were all different personas of one guy, who now prefers to go under Moody Marlin. For awhile, I ran into Moody Marlin all over Chicago at different shows, where he was either “telling a joke for a smoke,” coercing you into playing dice, or cruising the streets on his pedicab, his profession of choice. Living out of his van in Pilsen in an alley and using the Dunkin’ Donuts restroom for hygiene eventually grew tiresome, and the boy split town to seek new landscape and adventure.

“a socially inept cave dwelling audio bully.
Baroquen guitar licks to Jazzercize to
Attempted suicide by jumping out a vacuous vehicle
Red lining self hatred with borderline
Sounds like Fred Durst at the mall
Strange love
Sardonic as funkk
black river is my permanent residence
Once you enter them murky waters, you sink to the bottom
Listen to the tape at breakneck lightning speeds with the windows down” – Moody Marlin

Edition of 50 Goldenrod Tapes