• Formats: Cassette, Tape Digital
  • Price: $5.00
  • Artist: Jake Acosta
  • Release Date: January 10, 2017
  • Catalog ID: PAR056

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First Corridor / Cassette, Tape Digital / PAR056

Jake Acosta

The first ever release under his given name, Jake Acosta dives in deep with this contemplative collection of recordings created over the last couple of years. After years of gigs throughout Chicago’s interwoven musical circles (see: Famous Laughs, Distractions, ONO, Headless Horsehead, ADT, Organsm), Acosta eventually started performing sporadically under the name Jazz Baat, developing much of the material for this tape. The resultant sounds stem from layering a couple of loop/sampler devices in-and-out of sync, and using his primary instrument of electric guitar.

The title track unfolds slowly, with a bass ostinato steering the ship, while a series of machine-like beeps dance to the rhythm. Pulling inspiration perhaps from Ash Ra Tempel/Manuel Göttsching, Acosta is not afraid to let loose after establishing the groove, bringing in poignant guitar sweeps and foreboding drone swells reminiscent of kosmische musik. The piece works to great effect at stacking many layers without sounding overly dense before unraveling into a calming meditation to bring the listener down.

The flip side of this 45-minute cassette begins with Acosta bringing in collaborator Kenneth Klemaier, who creates a nice 3/4 electronic drum beat and a cozy bed of granular synthesis to accompany the more introspective and melodic guitar song. The final passage looks to the minimalism of Reich and arpeggios of Tangerine Dream for inspiration, and develops into something resembling a warm bath, with synthesized drones washing over the listener. The piece has several distinct movements that flow very organically, and Acosta shows a mastery of composition despite his rudimentary set of tools.