• Formats: Cassette Tape, Digital
  • Price: $5.00
  • Artist: Cosmic Son
  • Release Date: April 24, 2015
  • Catalog ID: PAR050

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Moon Surf / Cassette Tape, Digital / PAR050

Cosmic Son

Jeremiah Chiu, the brains behind Cosmic Son, steps out of the shadows with this solo endeavor after years of being a crucial side-man in Chicago groups such as Icy Demons, Chandeliers, Axis:Sova, and most currently in Nedelle Torrisi’s band in Los Angeles. Moon Surf comes to our ears with a compositional maturity and synthesized pop flow akin to the melodic geniuses of decades past (see: Brian Wilson, Herbie Hancock, Paul McCartney). Utilizing analog electronics and draping melodies in a vocoder wash, Cosmic Son delivers cut after cut of complex synth-pop arrangements.

This isn’t your average ‘looper’ where one idea dictates the entire song. Instead, the pieces on Moon Surf move thru several different sections in the way a traditional pop song might. While there is an emphasis on the ‘sunny’ pop alluded to above, Cosmic Son also gets into introspective and even exotic zones, consistently dropping a punchy beat that will have yr head bobbing. There is a nice balance of moods, both light and dark, and moods there certainly are! Moon Surf is an album for lovers of smooth R&B and synth chillers alike. J Chiu: “It’s not a record for the clubs, it’s a record for your boombox by your pool, for driving with your top down and your top off, for laying next to your cat in the sunny spot on your kitchen floor.”

Mastered by Cooper Crain ( Bitchin’ Bajas)
Edition of 60 Cassettes