• Formats: Cassette Tape c62, Digital
  • Price: $5.00
  • Artist: Chicago Jim
  • Release Date: June 2012
  • Catalog ID: PAR016

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Chicago Jim / Cassette Tape c62, Digital / PAR016

Chicago Jim

Chicago Jim (aka Space Jim) spent the last 7 or 8 years residing in Vancouver, Canada, where he was studying and working in Forestry. Meanwhile, he was building up his arsenal of vintage drum machines, synthesizers, and sequencers, and laying his unique blend of house, electro, and ambient straight onto a cassette tape.

This sprawling hour-long debut references everything from Trax Records era Chicago House, to Kraftwerk, to more modern electro. Chicago Jim gives the listener a nice mix of mellow and moody cuts as well as full throttle house bangers for the “heads.”

This c62 contains a few doses of cassette saturation, and some serious 808 low end. You can be sure that no computers were used to make these beats… Chicago Jim lists his band members as:

Tr808, Tr707, June 106, MicroKorg, MC202, MPC2000XL