Vejgaard Ambient – The 2nd House

Posted by POTIONS / June 7, 2013

Available now on a red c24 cassette. Edition of 33.

“Vejgaard Ambient is a glowing project from Denmark-based, Karsten Høegh. Mixing warm washes of synth tones, with cold steady drum patterns, Vejgaard Ambient creates a gloomy yet groovy soundscape that provides a nice environment for exploration. Walk around, stop for a minute, take a breath, see the storm in the distance, embrace it and keep walking. Occasionally slipping into some Dub-worthy territory, and seemingly creating tones from an unknown mirage of synth banks, Vejgaard Ambient crafts a familiar yet unusual blend of ambient & rhythm. At times reminiscent of early-Peaking Lights or a more somber “Another Green World,” this tape will leave you feeling refreshed with curiosity.”

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